Ear Wax Cleaning Henderson

Ear Wax Cleaning Henderson

Ear cleaning is a health procedure that has been present in cultures all around the world for thousands of years. Ear spoons and picks were developed in medieval Europe, in Britain and Scandinavia, and refined versions made of silver or stainless steel are still used to this day. Some believe that the ancient Egyptians invented candling, although the origin of this practice is yet to be confirmed. Japanese ear cleaning is comprehensive and ritualistic, and many devotees find it very soothing as it reminds them of their childhood.

Today, those suffering from ear wax build-up can benefit from the gentle yet effective power of ear microsuction. Microsuction, as the name suggests, involves using a specially designed suction tool with a small inlet, to directly remove excess wax as seen and identified by the operator (a nurse or technician). This method of ear cleaning is much more effective than other methods such as chemical clearing or cleaning with a water jet, yet it is relatively fast and comfortable for patients. It is conducted by a specially trained nurse with extensive experience in ear wax cleaning at our Henderson clinic, among other locations. As health care professionals, our nurses also have the capacity to identify issues within the area that may require a follow-up or referral to a specialist such as an ENT or an audiologist.

Our staff are happy to answer questions about this procedure, and we offer free no obligation assessments so you can find out whether microsuction ear wax cleaning is for you. Call (09) 200 14 12 to make an appointment.

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