About Us

Welcome to The Ear Clinic, a leading provider of Ear Microsuctioning.

Welcome to The Ear Clinic

We provide the highest standard of ear cleaning services. Our clinic has been around since 2014, and we've had the pleasure of serving tens of thousands of happy clients since then.

When we first started, ear syringing (also known as ear irrigation, ear flushing, ear washing) was still the most common method for treating blocked ears. But we recognised the need for a safer, more effective solution. This led us to establishing The Ear Clinic and introduce ear microsuctioning to a much wider Auckland audience and never looked back. 

After almost a decade of providing our services, we can confidently say that ear microsuctioning and manual methods remain the most reliable. While there are plenty of other gadgets and potions out there that claim to do the job, we've found that they're nowhere as effective as they promise.

Our ear nurses are specially trained in Otology, which means they're experts in delivering quality medical services directly to our community. We're committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field.

As an independent provider of ear health services, we work alongside a range of healthcare professionals - including ENT specialists, Audiologists, and GPs. We're ACC registered and connected with industry bodies such as the Ear Nurse Specialist Group NZ.

You can find us in several fixed Auckland locations, including Orewa, Milford, North Harbour (Mairangi Bay), Henderson, and Remuera. We look forward to being of service to you.