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Are you suffering from persistently blocked ears? Do you suspect that your hearing aid is underperforming due to wax build-up?

Have you been getting ear pain that is alleviated when you clean your ears? We can help. The Ear Clinic offers professional assessment and treatment for symptoms and conditions including blocked ears, itchy ears, swimmers’/surfers’ ear, and mild ear pain. Our nurses inspect and clean ears using microsuction, an advanced technique that offers safe and comfortable yet effective removal of wax in just minutes.

There are many different reasons why a person may have a build-up of earwax. Some people are naturally prone to produce a lot or this substance (which is also known as cerumen), and some people suffer from blockages because they do not have the same natural mechanisms, such as jaw movement, which usually encourage the wax to come out. It is difficult to see in one’s own ear, which can make safe and methodical cleaning difficult. This is where our professional microsuction cleaning comes in.

The Ear Clinic is located in Milford, North Shore – which is open on Mondays and Thursdays. Our Milford location is easy to reach by driving or public transport. Alternatively, for patients who are immobile and cannot come into a clinic, we offer home visits. A nurse will come to your group home or private residence and conduct the procedure in the comfort and privacy of your room.

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