Ear Cleaning North Shore

Ear Cleaning North Shore

Ear cleaning is a health and beauty ritual that is part of a range of different cultures, all around the world. In many countries, mothers cleaning their children’s ears is just as important a hygiene process (and bonding ritual) at bathing and massage. Indeed, many Japanese people enjoy professional ear cleaning well into adulthood as they find it comforting and soothing. Different tools are used in different parts of the world as well; from soft cotton-topped bamboo splints and synthetic Q-tips to the frankly harsh looking ‘ear spoons’ of western Europe, there are many different methods and pieces of equipment.

Nowadays the most effective, gentle and comfortable ear wax cleaning procedure is ear canal microsuction. As the name suggests, this method uses a very fine suction point to remove visible wax build-up in the ear canal.

At The Ear Clinic, our nurses are specially trained in using microsuction machines, and have each successfully completed hundreds of procedures. As qualified health care professionals, they also have the ability to identify signs and symptoms which may require further attention from a GP, ENT specialist or audiologist..

We have a convenient location in Milford on the North Shore which is open on Mondays and Thursdays. For patients who cannot attend a clinic, including immobile persons and those living in nursing homes or hospitals, we offer home visits. See our Services page for details.

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