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Looking for a trained ear nurse in Auckland?

Do you suffer from blocked ears? Are your hearing aids functioning poorly because of extra earwax? Have foreign objects in your ear canal been causing pain and irritation? The Ear Clinic can help. We specialise in ear microsuction, a safe, painless and effective method of cleaning the ears and removing excess wax in just minutes.

A trained ear nurse at one of our Auckland clinics can assess and treat itchy or blocked ears, offering immediate relief. Because microsuction allows our practitioners to look into the ear as they work, they can clean gently and methodically. As highly qualified specialist nurses, they’re also able to diagnose issues which may require further attention and treatment from another health care professional, such as a GP, audiologist, or ENT specialist. Becoming an ear nurse requires special extra training in ear care and the use of microsuction equipment, which means you can be confident that you will experience the best of what microsuction technology has to offer. Our staff have extensive experience, and each nurse has completed hundreds of procedures.

Getting your ears cleaned by a nurse may be much more affordable than you anticipate. ACC coverage is available, and we treat war pensioners free of charge. Should you have a persistent problem which requires a follow-up appointment, lower rates are available for appointments booked within four weeks.

To find out more about how The Ear Clinic works, explore our Services and FAQ pages. For further details or to make your initial appointment, call us on (09) 200 14 12.

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