Keep Swimmer’s Ear at Bay: How ear microsuctioning can help.

Swimmer’s Ear, also known as otitis externa, is a common condition that affects many swimmers and water enthusiasts. It occurs when water becomes trapped in the ear canal and creates a moist environment. This then leads to inflammation, infection, and overall discomfort. Earwax build-up also contributes to the development of this condition. Ear microsuctioning can provide several benefits to individuals with Swimmer’s Ear.

What is ear microsuctioning?

When it comes to addressing discomfort, ear microsuctioning is the go-to solution. Specialist nurses perform the procedure, using a high-powered microscope and small suction device to gently remove earwax and alleviate discomfort. Microsuctioning is considered the golden standard method of ear cleaning.

How can ear microsuctioning help?

Relief from Discomfort

Our specialist nurses can safely remove earwax and water trapped in the ear canal – relieving any associated discomfort.

More Effective Treatment

If Swimmer’s Ear has already developed, removing excess earwax and water can allow medication to work more effectively. Medication is able to reach the affected area with ease.

Improved Hearing

Swimmer’s Ear can cause temporary hearing reduction due to the inflammation and swelling of the ear canal. Removing any debris will allow for improved hearing function. Ear microsuctioning is the trusted method for treating Swimmer’s Ear. There is no water exposure, unlike irrigation methods. Overall, it is a safe, effective and minimally invasive nature.

Suffering from Swimmer’s Ear?

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