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Epsom’s Preferred Ear Clinic

Have you been suffering from uncomfortably blocked or itchy ears? At The Ear Clinic we offer Epsom residents a professional ear cleaning service to help manage the distress of blocked ears attributed to wax build up and other conditions. If you live in the Epsom area, our experienced Ear Nurses at The Ear Clinic are ready to assist you.

We Provide Ear Cleaning Services

You may think cotton buds are removing debris from your ears, but you may be doing more harm than good. Traditional cleaning techniques can actually do damage to the fragile canal, drum and hearing bones. With a dedicated focus on microsuction ear cleaning, people from Epsom, Remuera and surrounding suburbs choose The Ear Clinic for assistance in dealing with conditions like Swimmer’s Ear, Surfer’s Ear, and blocked or itchy ears.

As Auckland’s leading microsuction practice, we have experience using this technique to remove wax, debris, and other foreign objects from the ear canal. A gentle, fast and effective procedure for removing blockages from the ear canal, we are pleased to offer efficient ear cleaning service to clients across the area. Look after the health of your ears with a professional ear cleaning at The Ear Clinic.

Cleaning the Ears of Epsom Residents

Located in central Auckland, The Ear Clinic is a convenient place for residents of Epsom and local suburbs to seek treatment. You can get in touch with The Ear Clinic team by calling 0800 10 15 20 or fill in the enquiry form on our website. If you would like to book an appointment you can do so online. Our friendly team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Professional assessment and treatment for:

  • Wax Removal
  • Blocked Ears
  • Itchy Ears
  • Swimmer′s Ear
  • Surfer′s Ear
  • Foreign Objects

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