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Do you suffer from an excess build-up of earwax? Are your hearing aids being clogged or muffled by wax?

Do you have a recurring pain in your ear that’s irritating and distracting you from getting on with your day? Then you may benefit from ear cleaning. Although not all pains and blockages are caused by a build-up of wax or foreign objects, ear cleaning can be a very useful procedure for many patients with such problems. At The Ear Clinic, we provide microsuction ear cleaning conducted by specially trained nurses who can communicate with your primary care physician regarding your ear care. They also have the knowledge and experience necessary to identify signs and symptoms which may require further attention from a specialist such as an ENT or audiologist.

The Ear Clinic in Remuera is based in Bloom Hearing in the One Health Building, a conveniently located facility that is home to a wide range of practices. Appointments are available on Wednesdays. Getting to the clinic is easy; limited parking is available nearby, it’s just eight minutes’ walk from Newmarket train station, and several buses stop right outside on Remuera Road. For patients who are immobile, we offer an exclusive home visit service; one of our nurses will come to you in your private or group residence and conduct the procedure in the privacy and comfort of your own room. Please see our Services page for details.

For more information about The Ear Clinic in Remuera, or to make your initial appointment, please call 0800 10 15 20.

Now relocated to Gilget Road Specialist Centre, Epsom

Professional assessment and treatment for:

  • Wax Removal
  • Blocked Ears
  • Itchy Ears
  • Swimmer′s Ear
  • Surfer′s Ear
  • Foreign Objects

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